Monday, 15 April 2013

...and Allah is Ar-Razzaq

Assalaamun Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu

I am trusting that this post meets us all in the best of eeman (faith). ihsan (perfection) and 'aafiyah (sound health). May Allah keep our feet firm on His path and grant us safety in this life and the next...Aameen.

These days, I barely have some 'me' time as I am busy with other things and you can only imagine how the days speed by without us even having concrete knowledge of what we have been doing. Such is the affairs of this life as it is fleeting and yet, we fail to acknowledge this in our own existence.

I have been on an islamic posts and pictures overdrive and I call myself a collector and I only hope I am able to do dawah through this medium.

Over the weekend, I was doing some search online and I came across this video:

Shortly before I stumbled upon this video, I just got out from an argument with le husband because someone had eaten the food I wanted to bring to work today and I was totally worked up because of this, Subhanallah!

After watching and rewatching  I dragged the people around me to watch with me and I got all teared up. Why? Because I have not trusted Allah enough to be my sole provider. I keep relying on people to do this and that for me and I do not even get to appreciate them enough. I was busy squabbling over a bowl of food when I did not even know if Allah was going to provide me with life the following day.  I was sulking up when I did not even know if Allah will provide me with sound health to eat the food....Subhanallah!

This to me is the life of an ingrate, the one who does not rely upon his Lord and keeps his hope in things that do not benefit him.

May Allah make us grateful servants and may He bestow us with the grace to keep our reliance on Him for the bountiful provisions He has put for us in this world...Aameen.

Allah gives and forgives;
Man gets and forgets;
Be grateful; Be careful!

Till next time...In shaa' Allah

Love & Love